Sunday Market More Profit

Hi agan and sista, Greetings, new nubie join the DJ. Triht biki tried, sorry if the language is still random adul

This time I want to share make-agan agan who want to learn a trade, business, the business itself. primarily via market shock. It is based on the experience ane directly. Why market surprised? because the shock market is seasonal, with affordable cost yag shanties, apes2nya ampe if not yes not rugi2 very salable. Different market ama or permanent store which usually must rent at least 1 month with the cost of rent is pretty good, for starters for all penginapan owner.

Shocked market traders usually charged merchants that have become permanent members. So it can not directly dateng & ujug2 degree stall at the scene.

following the steps in the trade market surprised ala nubie:
1. Abis up early morning prayers to the scene: Since the dawn abis shocked the market began to ferment, fermented still not all merchants are coming.
2. Urus licensing: Licensing in the market is non-formal shocked but managed to clear and fixed by a group of people. first of all try to ask the merchant about, but it rarely helps because traders also do not have the authority, it is better to ask the parking attendants, parking attendants are usually known as directly with the manager. or just look for the "faceless bit fierce", because they are usually one of the managers hehehehe .. Well after that we wrote clever-clever negotiable. jelasin us what merchandise etc.. Normally we would be directed to the shanties in the palm empty again absent occupants.
3. Starting deh merchandise Degree: Tata neat n keep smile n dhikr prayer do not forget to always let the merchandise sold well lol.
4. Shanties Rent: rent is usually between Rp. 10.000, - to 20.000, - depending on the size of the market and was shocked at the facility can yag.

Well about the tricks of selling in the market shock, hope useful for all agan, perfunctory followup ngeceng shanties ane in shock market Cijantung.